Financing private infrastructure projects

Adequate access to energy, water, telecoms, and transport infrastructure is a basic service to the population. It is also indispensable for economic growth and a sustainable private sector.


€3-20 M (€, $ or local currency)


Infrastructure projects that provide basic services to the population and to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This includes, but is not limited to, renewable energy, telecommunications and transport & logistics.

Investment types

maturity: up to 15 years

Information or Application

BIO focuses mostly on renewable energy investments (solar, hydro, wind). This allows for improved and cheaper access to energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. BIO supports both on-grid and off-grid projects. It offers long maturity financing that is adapted to the projects' repayment capacity.

For large projects BIO follows the lead of sizeable development finance institutions. For smaller projects (up to 20MW) BIO takes the lead itself.

Apart from providing capital and debt, BIO also offers grants for feasibility and technical studies.

All projects must be executed in good cooperation with the local communities and must comply with high environmental and social standards.

Net commitments by region and sector (12/2021)