Financing and assisting private enterprises

SMEs are of the utmost importance for economic growth in developing countries. Because they create jobs, they are key actors in the fight against poverty. They are also instrumental in disseminating expertise and strengthening social cohesion by developing local value chains and by increasing government income.


€ 1 M - 15 M


Existing enterprises in agribusiness, industry, services to the population (i.e. health & education), energy efficiency

Investment types

maturity: 3-10 years


Information or Application

For many of these entrepreneurs, the access to credit is a major obstacle when grasping opportunities. That is why BIO provides medium- to long-term financing and technical assistance that builds management capacity and accelerates the transfer of know-how. This is done with a strong emphasis on responsible development, ethical and transparent governance, and a strict commitment to social and environmental standards.

Net commitments by region (12/2018)


Net commitments by sector (12/2018)


Agribusiness net commitments by subsector (12/2018)