Liaison Offices

To have a better geographical distribution and to increase our sourcing power, BIO has launched liaison offices for East and West Africa.

Liaison Offices

Having a local presence in a region allows BIO to closely monitor opportunities and challenges. A local liaison is a contact person for the staff in Brussels, as well as for the entrepreneurs in the area. The function allows for better sourcing, quicker and more efficient due diligence, and a more hands-on presence on the board of our equity participation. The local officers also maintain good working relations with both the Belgian and the international players active in the region.

Abidjan Office

West Africa

The local liaison office for West Africa was created in 2019 in Abidjan, capital of Côte d'Ivoire.

Maximiliend Harcourt Text Image3

Maximilien d'Harcourt

Maximilien started at BIO as an Investment Officer in 2016. During 3 years and a half, he gained experience in various sectors and regions, developing a focus on Financial Institutions, Latin America and Africa. In September 2019, Maximilien moved to Abidjan to take care of BIO’s new regional office in Abidjan. Before, Maximilien worked at EY as a Senior Consultant. Maximilien holds a Master 2 in Management from ESCP (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris).

Augustin Thibaut de Maisières

Augustin Thibaut de Maisières

Augustin started at BIO in 2018 as a Junior Development & Sustainability Officer before joining the investment team in 2019.
In early 2020, Augustin joined the Abidjan Liaison Office as an Investment Officer.
Augustin has a Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics, and a Master in Sustainable Finance from Maastricht University.

Nairobi Office

East Africa

The local liaison office for East Africa was created in 2019 in Nairobi, capital of Kenya.

It is being led by Alexis Losseau.