Maghreb Private Equity Fund III

Equity : September 2014

Maghreb Private Equity Fund III (MPEF III) is a € 96.5 M fund providing growth capital to SMEs with the potential to become regional players in the Maghreb region.


€ 2,000,000.00

Type of investment


Development impacts

  • Local economic growth

Beneficiary locations

Middle East & North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Sub-Saharan Africa:

Investment field

Investment Companies & Funds


SME Fund


Maghreb Private Equity Fund III



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Maghreb Private Equity Fund III

  • Equity € 6,000,000.00 (2011)

The fund is managed by Tuninvest-Africinvest, an experienced fund manager active in Africa. The fund provides the targeted SME’s with long term capital, financial, managerial and industrial expertise and access to new markets.

BIO’s additionality has been reinforced as in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, availability of long term capital, which is vital to small and medium companies, has clearly diminished. BIO’s investment should also help to give comfort to the private sector investors who decided to adopt an expectative approach on the region and should therefore help leverage private sector money.

In 2014, all shareholders increased their stake with 25% of the original commitment to allow the fund to continue investing until the end of the investment period. BIO invested an additional EUR 2 million.

Development impacts

  • Local economic growth

    The fund provides the targeted SME’s with (i) long term capital, (ii) financial, managerial and industrial expertise and (iii) access to new markets.

Made possible through this investment

Thanks to the direct funding from BIO, the following second-line investments have been made possible.

La Voie Express


Created in 1997, La Voie Express specializes in Fast Track Deliveries, Logistics and Freight offering to its customers a complete panel of logistics services and allowing them to focus on their core-business. The company serves more than 4,000 customers amongst which numerous of big and prestigious accounts



Created in 2003, Outsourcia Group specializes in managing customer services for a large set of companies by offering multiple, value added, multilingual and multichannel solutions whether through digital presence or through outsourced support functions (such as non-voice business process outsourcing). The Company is one of the leaders in the outsourcing industry in Morocco with a strong presence in France since 2010 where it is now considered one of the most promising up and coming outsourcing businesses thanks to its ‘top 25’ ranking in this field.



Created in 2004 and based in Akbou (Béjaia) (200 km East of Algiers), TMF Logistics has a fleet of more than 250 vehicles which ranks the company among the top three biggest players in goods transportation in Algeria. The company serves leading industrial players in the region such as Général Emballage (corrugated packaging), Danone, Soummam & Ramdy (dairy products). The company provides services in the transportation and logistics business.

One Tech Group


The One Tech Group (OTH) is a Tunisia-based Group founded in 1978 operating today in three main areas with a common base of technological content: (i) Cabling (cable manufacturing for the sectors of Energy, Telecom, and Automotive), (ii) Mechatronics (manufacturing of printed circuit board (PCB), electrical and mechanical assembly, connectors and wiring, plastic injection) and (iii) ICT Services (distribution and implementation of ICT services). The group is currently one of the largest private groups in Tunisia and has a leading company in each of its businesses with a good knowledge of industrial and technological processes allowing it to build strong strategic partnerships and benefit from a continuous transfer of technologies. The company was looking forward to partnering with Africinvest to support the expansion of its operations in Morocco and in sub-Saharan Africa where a strong growth is expected in the cabling for telecom infrastructure and for industries, mechatronics and ICT.



Agro Juice Processing (AJP) is a juice and flavored drinks processing company based in Meknes (250 km from Casablanca). Thanks to a strong brand “Valencia”, a smart distribution strategy (large geographical coverage) and a big product offering (more than 30 references), the company managed to reach 16% market share by end 2013 with only 2 years and half of activity.



Servicom is a Tunisia-based Group specialized in infrastructure services working in four main fields: telecommunications, construction, air-conditioning & heating, and elevators distribution



Grupo San José López is a Spanish company based in San Sebastien operating in the road freight transport sector for more than 60 years. It operates in Morocco since the eighties and has managed to build a privileged position in the Moroccan market supported by a strong reputation of reliability and seriousness among Moroccan clients, multinational companies based in Morocco and the local authorities. Grupo SJL has developed a unique and widely-recognized expertise in the international road freight transportation of goods between Morocco and Europe especially on the automotive sector where the company serves major global players (i.e. Renault, Leoni, Tyco, Michelin, Faurecia...).



Polymedic is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the production and the marketing of medicines. Polymedic has developed own label generics and products and manufactures originator drugs and other generic drugs for renowned pharmaceutical companies (Aventis, Leo, Bayer, Schering...). The facilities of the company extend over a surface area of 10,161 m2 located in Casablanca. Polymedic has started production in the course of 2001 and boasts today a portfolio of 130 Market Authorizations (MAs) involving several dosage forms: tablets, capsules, syrups, ointments and injectables drugs.

Maille Club


Maille Club is a Tunisia-based Group founded in 1976 specialized in the manufacturing of knit clothing and the distribution of mass market and luxury brands in Tunisia and Algeria. The Group manages today a wide portfolio with more than 40 brands divided between mono-brand shops and shop in shop concepts. Franchisees brands include Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Marina Rinaldi, Eden Park, Paul & Shark, Prada, Tod's... The distribution network totalizes today 34 stores divided into mono and multi-brand shops covering both the Tunisian and Algerian markets (29 and 5 stores respectively).



Tejra is an integrated Greenfield project specialized in the production and distribution of bricks (all kinds of hollow clay bricks with up to 12 holes and clay bricks for roofs (Hourdies)) and ceramic products (floor and wall tiles), sponsored by a native of Medenine the city where the project is located and a team of highly experienced Tunisian competencies in this field with complementary skills (technical, commercial, financial) and strong expertise in managing similar projects in the industry of building materials. The objective is to set up a major operator in the building materials industry in Tunisia and to enter a market showing significant growth potential in Tunisia, in its neighboring countries and in Africa.



Inpackt is a preform molding company located in Medenine, South of Tunisia. Since 2004, the company specialized in the production of superior quality preforms for industries such as beverage and oil.

Today, Inpackt is the largest independent PET preform producer in Tunisia, with a wide range of customers in different segments, in Tunisia and export markets.

Amimer Energie


Amimer Energie, through its affiliates, is among the main players in the Algerian market for the production and the distribution of industrial power generators and electrics transformers of different capacities. The company is acting as a challenger in the building of a micro and mini power stations of 2MW to 100 MW using natural gas and/or fuel. The company has also a track record in building power stations in Algeria and abroad with a clear objective of expanding to sub-Saharan Africa’s market of power stations based on both conventional and renewable energies.