Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Financing and reinforcing the financial sector

One of BIO’s major goals is to increase the access to finance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). In this way, BIO empowers entrepreneurs and contributes to local economic growth.


€1M< (€, $ or local currency)


Financial institutions supporting the micro and small enterprise segment

Investment types

maturity: 3-10 years (max grace: 3 years)

BIO can take minority stakes only

Information or Application

Financial institutions are the main channel to serve the ‘missing middle’, composed of businesses with capital needs of between USD 100 (micro-activity) to USD 500,000 (SMEs). They provide the necessary market knowledge, distribution channels, products, processes, and controls to adequately make this segment of the economy grow. That is why BIO channels a significant part of its investments through financial institutions, which, in turn, directly supports MSMEs.

In doing so, BIO urges these institutions to adhere to the Customer Protection Principles, and to high environmental and social standards. BIO also provides technical assistance to strengthen the institutions’ internal capacity and efficiency.

Some examples