Naam sort Continent sort Land sort Typesort Instrumentsort
1 FPM SA Fonds pour l’Inclusion Financière... Africa Democratic Republic of Congo Investment Fund MFI Equity
2 FPM SA Fonds pour l'Inclusion Financière en... Africa Congo, DR Investment Fund MFI Subsidy
3 First Finance Asia Cambodia Microfinance Institution Debt
4 Financiera Fundeser - TA Latin America Nicaragua Microfinance Institution Subsidy
5 Fidelity Bank Ghana Africa Ghana Commercial bank Debt
6 European Financing Partners (EFP) Multiregional ACP Countries Investment Fund SME Debt & Equity
7 Essel-Clean Solu Hydropower Pvt ltd (ECS) Asia Nepal Infrastructure Debt
8 Electrical Control and Switchgear (ECS) - TA Africa Uganda Enterprise Subsidy
9 Electrical Control and Switchgear (ECS) Africa Uganda Enterprise Debt
10 EFC Zambia Africa Zambia Microfinance Institution Debt