• BIO invests in the Indian MFI Annapurna

  • 24.03.2014
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    On March 21st 2014, BIO signed an equity investment agreement with Annapurna Microfinance Private Limited (AMPL), an MFI working with women entrepreneurs in 2 of the poorest states in India. AMPL saw the light as a microfinance initiative of a local NGO, People’s Forum, in the early nineties to provide microloans to women in mainly rural areas. Access to finance in rural areas in India is very limited and AMPL focusses on areas that are difficult to reach and are largely overseen by the commercial financial services.

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  • BIO’s first investment in Paraguay

  • 21.03.2014
  • In March 2014, BIO signed a senior loan agreement for USD 4 million with the Paraguayan bank Banco para la Produccion y Comercializacion (Bancop). The bank was incorporated in January 2012 and is the first cooperatively owned bank in Paraguay. The shareholders of Bancop are in fact the most important productive cooperatives in the country dedicated mainly to agricultural and livestock activities. They joined efforts to create a new bank with the objective of providing local producers an alternative for having access to financial products and services. BIO is lending USD 4 million to Bancop to further grow its SME loan portfolio and increase its capacity to provide financing to rural smallholders. The loan will, among others, allow Bancop to provide increased funding to SMEs in rural and unbanked areas, which in turn will support the creation of employment and livelihood opportunities for a broader portion of the population.

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  • De wet ter wijziging van de Wet op BIO gepubliceerd in Belgisch Staatsblad

  • 21.02.2014
  • De wet ter wijziging van de Wet op Bio op 3 november 2001, gestemd in december 2013, is verschenen in het Belgische Staatsblad midden februari 2014. De geconsolideerde wet met wijzigingen kan u hier raadplegen.

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  • Banco Popular, BancoSol and Banco Nacional de Bolivia nominated for IADB’s Beyond Banking Awards

  • 20.02.2014
  • For the 2014 Beyond Banking awards the microfinance institutions Banco Popular in Honduras and BancoSol in Bolivia, and the commercial bank Banco Nacional de Bolivia have been nominated. All three financial institutions have been supported by BIO over the last years. The BeyondBanking awards are an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank’s financial markets division, which contributes to the creation of solid, sustainable and responsible financial systems in Latin America and the Caribbean by combining capabilities and experience with tradition and innovation. The awards are aimed at promoting social sustainability, environmental and good governance practices between financial intermediaries in Latin America.

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  • BIO disburses USD 5,4 million loan to NVTS in Mongolia

  • 07.01.2014
  • In December 2013, BIO disbursed a USD 5,4 million loan to the leading egg and poultry business, NVTS in Mongolia. NVTS produces chicken meat and eggs for local consumption, a product that has risen strongly in view of soaring beef and mutton prices in Mongolia. Local production has been very limited and most eggs are traditionally imported from Russia. NVTS is responding to the growing demand for poultry and eggs and reducing Mongolia’s dependence on import by expanding its capacity strongly to ultimately 1 million laying hens with a production capacity of 210 million eggs per year. BIO’s investment supports the expansion project, as local long-term funding is hard to obtain.

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  • Senegalese SCL expands thanks to BIO’s € 4 million loan

  • 12.12.2013
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    Last 29th November, BIO disbursed € 3 million of a € 4 million senior loan to Société des Cultures Legumières in Senegal to finance their expansion project. SCL produces, packages, and exports fresh vegetables to the UK during the winter season in Europe, when traditional producing countries such as Morocco, Spain, Israel and Egypt cannot fill the supply needs. SCL is now developing into a 12 month business, targeting the local market as well, and increasing its value chain with the final packaging of certain vegetables.

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  • BIO verwelkomt nieuwe wet

  • 06.12.2013
  • Op 5 december heeft de Kamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers een nieuwe wet goedgekeurd ter wijziging van de Wet van 2001 tot oprichting van BIO, de Belgische Investeringsmaatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden. BIO is verheugd over de nieuwe wet, waarin BIO de referentie wordt binnen de Ontwikkelingssamenwerking inzake de financiering van de lokale privésector.

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  • BIO werkt samen met de Koning Boudewijnstichting

  • 04.11.2013
  • Prijs voor Governance in DRC

    BIO is trots samen te werken met de Koning Boudewijnstichting voor de Prijs voor Governance 2013-2014 van bedrijven in DR Congo. De Prijs, ter waarde van € 25.000, wordt om de twee jaar uitgereikt aan een man of vrouw die zijn of haar bedrijf zeer goed bestuurt. Met deze prijs willen de oprichters van het Fonds Governance van bedrijven in DR Congo een positief beeld geven van ondernemers in DR Congo die ten gunste van de lokale bevolking aan de economische ontwikkeling van het land bijdragen.

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