RVR : after 20 years, key trade route between Kenya and North Uganda rehabilitated.

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As part of the Rift Valley Railways railway network, the line connecting the boarder to Kenya with the North of Uganda has been rehabilitated. BIO, as one of the lenders to Rift Valley Railways, is proud to have taken part to this rehabilitation process. The 500 km track has been out of service for over 20 years and will be crucial as an economic artery linking eastern Uganda to northern Uganda, as well as the neighboring countries of South Sudan and DR Congo. There is no doubt that the reopening of this key trade route between Kenya and North Uganda will boost Ugandan economy.

Much of Kenya’s exports into South Sudan currently move by road over a stretch of 1,750 kilometers at an average cost of close to US$ 0.15 per ton, which is double the cost of transporting cargo by rail.

Entities such as Bamburi Cement and the World Food Program have already reaped the benefits of using RVR’s newly revamped rail line which has been operational since September 2013.

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