Nom sort Continent sort Pays sort Typesort Instrumentsort
1 Bharti Airtel Africa Africa Africa Various Infrastructure Debt
2 Beyond The Grid Solar Fund (BTGSF) Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Investment Fund SME Debt
3 Banque de Crédit Bujumbura Africa Burundi Commercial bank Equity
4 Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI) Africa Mozambique Commercial bank Debt
5 Azito Africa Ivory Coast Infrastructure Debt
6 Avifarm Africa Mali Enterprise Debt
7 Avi Niger Africa Niger Debt
8 Argan Infrastructure Fund (ARIF) Africa Various Investment Fund SME Equity
9 Aquila Leasing Africa Nigeria Non-Bank Financial Institution Debt
10 Alios Finance S.A. Africa Kenya (Nairobi) and Tunisia (Tunis) Non-Bank Financial Institution Debt