PSD Conference


Join us for a high-level conference on opportunities for the Belgian private sector to invest and contribute to sustainable development in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Where: Gateway, the Deloitte Headquarters at Brussels Airport When: Thursday, March 28, 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

This conference, which will convene select Belgian and international leaders from the public and the private sectors, will explore investment opportunities and partnerships that can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Building on Belgium’s public and private efforts to support the development of the private sector in these economies, the conference will identify and create synergies between Belgian businesses, investors, as well as national and international development actors.

Themes to be discussed :

  • The role of the private sector in driving the fight against poverty
  • Business opportunities in development: Challenges, successes and lessons learned
  • Effectively managing risks in emerging markets
  • The success story of technology in agritech, digitech, and fintech in Africa: Best practices and lessons learned
  • The inside view: Perspectives from women entrepreneurs in Africa
  • Partnering with Belgian public institutions and IFC for private sector investments in emerging markets

On the programme

  • Alexander De Croo

    Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Development Cooperation, Belgium

  • Philippe Le Houérou

    CEO of IFC, World Bank Group

  • Omobola Olubusola Johnson

    Senior Partner, TLcom Capital
    Member of the Board at the Web Foundation
    Former Minister of Communication Technology, Nigeria

  • Kjell Roland

    Former CEO Norfund

  • Essma Ben Hamida

    Director and Co-Founder of Enda Tamweel

Alexander De Croo: Belgium’s PSD Efforts and the SDG Frontier Fund Philippe Le Houérou: PSD Efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa Kjell Roland: The Private Sector Needs to be in the Driver’s Seat if You Want to Fight Poverty

High-level Discussion

Parallel Thematic Workshops on Private Sector Development:

Agribusiness and Value Chains

Carole Maman, Chief Investment Officer at BIO, Raphael Audoin Rouzeau, Global Cocoa Sourcing Manager at Puratos, Mieke Vercaeren, Head Unit Sustainable Products at Colruyt Group, Peter Hofland, Market & Trade Policy Specialist at Cargill and a high-level representative of Rabo Bank Partnerships will discuss how agribusiness can contribute to poverty reduction and improve social outcomes in developing countries.

Climate Change

Jean Vanwetter, CEO of Enabel, Chris Prengels, Founder and CEO at Tiger Power, Kjell Roland, former CEO of Norfund, David Leyssens, Network Director of The Shift, and Alain Bernard, former CEO of DEME Group, will discuss the role of the private sector as a critical partner in cooperating with public institutions in the fight against climate change in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

Digital for Development

Peter Moors, Head of Staff with Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Omobola Johnson, Senior Partner at TLcom Capital (Nigeria), Philippe Croonenberghs, Chairman at Texaf, Olivier Vanden Eynde, Founder and CEO at Close the Gap and a high-level representative of Blue Square will investigate how we can fully reap the benefits of the digital revolution, not just in the industrialised countries but worldwide.

Opportunities for Belgian Companies

Guy Rayée, DGD Business Partnership Fund, Kristof Waterschoot, Managing Director at Port of Antwerp International, Dirk Terweduwe, Group CEO at Credendo, Johan Malin, Deputy to the Director at Flanders Investment and Trade, Ann Claes, Owner of JBC, and Essma Ben Hamida, Director and Co-Founder of Enda Tamweel (Tunisia), will discuss the role Belgian private companies can play in encouraging PSD and how to create a meaningful collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Solutions for Displaced People

Organised by IFC, member of the World Bank Group, this panel will showcase examples of innovative private sector approaches to deal with issues faced by refugees and host communities in emerging markets.

a high-level representative of Blue Square