Name sort Continent sort Country sort Typesort Instrumentsort
1 Emprede Latin America Ecuador Enterprise Debt
2 Electrical Control and Switchgear (ECS) - TA Africa Uganda Enterprise Subsidy
3 Electrical Control and Switchgear (ECS) Africa Uganda Enterprise Debt
4 EFC Uganda Africa Uganda Microfinance Institution Equity
5 EFC Tanzania M.F.C. Africa Tanzania Microfinance Institution Debt
6 Ecobank Transnational Inc Africa Various Commercial bank Debt
7 Dornod Shim Agro Asia Mongolia Enterprise Debt
8 Darby Latin American Private Debt Fund III L... Latin America Various Investment Fund SME Equity
9 Crédit communautaire d'Afrique Africa Cameroon Microfinance Institution Equity
10 Cosmeline Products Africa Sierra Leone Enterprise Debt