The Elevages Moablaou poultry farms were started in 1987 by Mr. Abou Simbel Ouattara, then a Burkinese civil servant who farmed poultry as a side activity. Elevages Moablaou, now located 26 km from Ouagadougou, started operations with some 1,000 egg-laying chicken (layers).

Following a number of training seminars organized by the CDE (Centre for the Development of Entreprise), he acquired know-how in the running of a modern poultry farm. Mr. Ouattara’s objective is to meet the national demand for fresh eggs for consumption using local resources (cereals and legumes).

Elevages Moablaou thus acquired a Pad-cooling system which allows for the improvement of the environment thanks to a controlled atmosphere which not only reduces the mortality caused by heat stress but also increases the well-being and global productivity of the layers.

From 26,000 layers in 2006, the capacity increased to 52,000 in 2007 following the avian flu epidemic which led to the suspension of imports of poultry products into Burkina Faso. While this system is expensive and very energy-consuming, the results obtained by Elevages Moablaou demonstrate its viability and profitability thanks to a well-mastered technology.

  • Investment amount (€):


    Chicken eggs

  • Contract signature :

    2007 2009

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  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — The company provides quality basic food at a reasonable price.
    • 2 — Company provides a constant supply of eggs during the whole year which is impossible with traditional cultivation
    • 3 — Job creation
    • 4 — Technical transfer of proven European technology to Africa
    • 5 — Contribution of taxes and replacing imports by local production
    • 6 —

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