Central American Renewable Energy Clean Production Facility (CAREC)


The CAREC Facility is an innovative fund, dedicated to provide mezzanine financing in small and medium sized enterprises active in proven renewable energy generation technologies, energy efficiency projects and cleaner production projects in Central America. The main objective is to promote the use of and investment in renewable energy technologies for power generation and to improve the use of energy and other inputs for companies’ operations in Central America.

BIO’s investment in CAREC contributes to the implementation and growth of sustainable clean SMEs that create jobs and at the same time protect and preserve the environment. Almost 20 million people still lack access to modern energy in the Central American region and continued demographic and economic growth will increase energy demand steadily. The CAREC embraces the challenge of increasing the supply of renewable and clean energy and thereby safeguarding the long term quality of our habitat. By providing mezzanine funding and structuring viable financing CAREC has a strong demonstration effect to local financiers who currently do not have an appetite to fund these projects and which is one of the biggest bottlenecks for the small scale energy providers.

The wider benefits of the investments made by CAREC involve emission reductions, educational programs, infrastructure improvements etc.. The communities participate directly in the benefits of the (mostly rural) energy projects. The CAREC facility incorporates strong environmental and social guidelines in its operating processes which are monitored on a continuous basis.

Website : www.enerfund.com

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    Registered offices: Cayman Islands Beneficiary countries: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

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  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Job creation
    • 2 — Growth of sustainable clean SMEs
    • 3 — Reduction of emissions of non-renewable energy sources
    • 4 — Social impact through education and infrastructure improvements