Puratos Grand Place


Operating in Vietnam since 1994, Grand-Place is a manufacturer of Belgian chocolate specialised in chocolate covering and chocolate decorations. Opened in 2009, the factory produces 3000 tons of chocolate per year for sale to prestige hotels and restaurants, bakeries, confectioners and ice-cream manufacturers. In addition, GPV exports part of its production to North America and Asia.

Early 2011, GPV launched the first chocolate made entirely in Vietnam, from the cultivation of the cacao to the final product. GPV is to date the first producer in this country to integrate the cacao sector with its production. The use of cacao cultivated locally replaces the importation of raw materials required for the chocolate-making process. It also enables GPV to bring down its ecological footprint and to maintain full control of quality at all the production stages.

In 2018, BIO subsidized a € 104.35 K technical assistance project.

In 2010 en 2013, BIO also extended technical assistance projects of € 17.800 and € 68.600.

  • Investment amount (€):

    USD 1.5 M

  • Contract signature :


  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — The project contributes to reinforcing good governance and management of the company in the sense that management posts are taken up by Vietnamese, who can thereby acquire managerial experience (finances, production and human resources). It also encourages transfer of expertise and know-how in the manufacturing of products. It contributes to the creation of new jobs and the company employs mainly women. The impact on the environment is controlled as the company is located within an industrial zone adapted to this activity.