KF Bioplants


KF BIOPLANTS Pvt. Ltd. (KFB) is an Indian agri – biotech company established in 1997 as a joint venture between Florist Holland BV from the Netherlands and Kumar Group, the Indian shareholders. KFB propagates numerous floricultural and ornamental plants and the products are used both for export and domestic markets. Over the years, KFB has diversified and created collaborations with European breeders, now offering other flower varieties, vegetables and fruits.

Propagation is a labour intensive activity that is usually carried out by women. About 85% of KFB’s personnel are poorly educated women.

In India, KFB’s clients are small and medium growers In an effort to help Indian farmers achieve better quality of crops, KFB provides free technical backup for plants that are supplied by them. This includes extensive information and advice about irrigation, fertilization, pest control and climatic conditions about the particular crop. KFB technical team makes frequent visits at various critical stages of the project. The visits are backed up by written report system so that growers and KFB can follow the activities. This is the real essence of the services.

The company currently produces around 25 million plants per annum with two tissue-culture laboratories. However, the current capacity doesn’t meet the domestic demand anymore. The demand for flower plants has gone up by almost 30-35% in domestic market due to huge consumption of Gerbera flower for every occasion year round. In order to meet the domestic demand, KFB needs to build an additional laboratory. The new facility will be delivering an additional 12 million plants per year.

BIO’s senior loan will contribute to this expansion and supports the further growth of KFB. Through this support of KFB, BIO is contributing to the empowerment of:

- low educated women by providing them good working conditions and an higher social status, in a society where women suffer from systematic discriminations.

- small and medium sized farmers active in floriculture. KFB is dedicated to its domestic clients and strives to improve their production standards. As a consequence, most of KFB’s clients succeed in their venture, and keep growing.

Website : www.kfbioplants.com

  • Investment amount (€):

    EUR 2.1 million

  • Contract signature :


  • Nature of intervention :

    Senior loan

  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Job creation, especially for low educated workers
    • 2 — Promotion of good working conditions;
    • 3 — Technical assistance to local smallholders