Corporación Interamericana para el Financiamiento de Infraestructura (CIFI)


CIFI is a non-bank financial institution that arranges and provides USD denominated long-term debt for small- and medium-sized infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Proceeds from BIO’s investment are exclusively invested in small-sized infrastructure projects (up to USD 100 million) that have a demonstrated positive impact on local SMEs. Although CIFI’s infrastructure projects target a wide variety of sectors, the focus lies on renewable energy.

BIO’s investment in CIFI has a strong developmental impact, both economically and environmentally:

-          The Company is in a position to mobilise local investors and has brought new financial instruments to the local markets;

-          CIFI brings diversification to the market by financing small- and medium-sized projects, reaching out to less industrialised regions and projects with strong environmental components;

-          Because of the very nature of infrastructure projects, the Company facilitates the expansion and modernisation of specific projects and supports privatisation.

The fact that a majority of shareholders are DFIs that are strongly represented in all governing bodies of the institution provides comfort that CIFI follows ESM international best practices. CIFI’s employees receive continuous training in ESG, AML/CFT and financial management following the request of existing shareholders. They in turn help taking investee’s corporate governance and ESM up to international standards.


  • Investment amount (€):

    USD 10 million

    Non-bank financial institution specialised in financing of infrastructure projects Registered office: Panama Beneficiary countries: Latin America

  • Contract signature :


  • Nature of intervention :


  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Infrastructure projects financed by CIFI have a demonstrated positive impact on local SMEs
    • 2 — Focus on sustainable and renewable energy projects
    • 3 — Diversification of local financing instruments