Renewable Energy Asia Fund (REAF)


The Renewable Energy Asia Fund (“REAF”) aims at renewable energy infrastructure investments in Asia. This operation has allowed BIO to enter the renewable energy market in the region and address climate change concerns, which is completely in line with the company’s strategy.

BIO joined 5 other experienced emerging market institutional investors, committing to REAF’s first closing of EUR 50.7 million. A second closing was concluded in April 2010 with the entrance of two private investors, increasing the fund size to EUR 51.9 million.

REAF seeks to make equity investments of EUR 5-15 million into development stage renewable energy projects and project developers deploying operationally and economically mature technologies (primarily wind, small hydro, biomass, solar and methane recovery), and consolidate these investments into operating portfolios and generate good returns through successful exits. Several deals are under examination and the investment process is in line with the expectations.

The Fund is managed by Berkeley Energy, a private equity fund manager specialising in renewable energy infrastructure investments in developing markets in Asia.

By supporting this initiative, BIO contributes to the achievement of a number of developmental objectives:
- Reduction of the energy shortage
- Reduction of the dependence on fossil fuel resources
- Improvement of local infrastructure
- Mobilization of long-term capital for private equity in renewable energy
- Promotion of sound corporate governance, transparency and best industry practices.
- Job creation and development of local capabilities in clean development

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