Centrale d'Achats de Medicaments


CAMED was founded in 1996, it distributes medicine in local pharmacies. The company started its activities with generic products. It contributed to improve access to medicine in Mali. As a consequence of its success, competition became harsher and CAMED was forced to enlarge its offer with branded products. CAMED is, for many pharmacies, the second distributor after one of the two leaders which currently control the market.

BIO’s loan provides CAMED with the necessary resources to build a large enough stock to substantially reduce the supply disruptions. It will also allow CAMED to grow from owning 5% of the market to 10%.

CAMED is a local company, owned by Malians who apply high quality standards to their products. They only sell their products to official pharmacies and not on the informal market. All products CAMED imports from Europe or India, are subject to compliance certificates from the country of origin. This means that the products must be authorized to be sold in that original country. Both CAMED and the official Malian bodies systematically verify these certificates. This ethical approach is an important difference to many other medicines, as many are imported illegally and sold on the informal market creating a greater risk for consumers.

  • Investment amount (€):

    EUR 400,000

    Pharmaceutical Distribution

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  • Nature of intervention :


  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Increase competition on a market controlled by 2 players
    • 2 — Improve access to official medication in Mali
    • 3 — Local job creation