BOA Group


The BANK OF AFRICA Group (BOA Group) was founded in Mali in 1982 and is present today in 12 countries through a network of commercial banks and finance companies, all of which are entirely dedicated to the African continent. It provides individuals and companies with a whole range of tailored financial services.

In 2004, BIO became a shareholder of the BOA Group. Later, in 2009, BIO committed a loan to further support the Group in its development and more generally to support the emergence of a true pan African financial institution in SSA. BIO has also invested in 2 branches of the BOA Group, BOA-DRC and BOA Bank Tanzania.

The BOA Group has branches in a number of countries of which most are priority or focus countries for BIO. In addition, the presence of BIO, along with other DFIs, aims at creating a positive impact on the outside perception of BOA in the Sub-Saharan African market. Lastly the provision of long term financing will enable the Group to carry out its expansion plans.


  • Investment amount (€):

    € 7,513,260.00

    Commercial Bank Headquarters: Mali

  • Contract signature :

    2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

  • Nature of intervention :


  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Deepening and professionalization of an underdeveloped local financial sector
    • 2 — Significant increase in the quantity and quality of banking products offered to the local population and businesses (SMEs)
    • 3 — Creation of assets and jobs