Advans Banque Congo


Advans Banque DRC is a microfinance bank established by Advans Group, a French microfinance holding, in 2008. The Bank offers financial services to a target group of MSMEs as well as the general lower income population. BIO approved a USD 2 million loan in 2013, which was disbursed in two tranches mid- and end 2014. BIO completes the current funding provided by DFIs to allow Advans DRC to further develop its portfolio of micro and small enterprises.

MSMEs are one the main sources of economic development in DRC, as in many developing countries. They play a vital role in generating income and fighting unemployment and poverty. However, a lack of access to adequate financial services is hampering further expansion of these MSMEs.

Advans is active also in providing funding to small non formalized SMEs that are not served by the traditional microfinance and banking industries.

Advans DRC participates in the SMART campaign and applies the « Client Protection Principles ».

Read more about the client protection principles and SMART.

Development impacts:

  • Local economic growth: credit provision to SMEs
  • Financial inclusion: access to financial services for individuals and micro-enterprises

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  • Investment amount (€):

    € 2.18 M

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  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Local economic growth
    • 2 — Financial inclusion