Ecobank Transnational Inc


Ecobank group has the most widespread network in Sub-Saharan Africa with a presence in 35 countries. Ecobank offers services to all segments of the financial clients: SME, large enterprises, states and NGOs, offering a complete and targeted pane of products. However, over 40%  of Ecobank’s portfolio consists of SMEs.

BIO’s support to Ecobank aims at increasing long term resources. The investment finances two key activities of the group: distribution network development and IT platform unification and modernization. Furthermore, BIO’s investment, along with other DFIs such as IFC, FMO and Proparco, has a positive impact on how the market perceives the group.

The investment contributes to the deepening and professionalization of an underdeveloped African financial sector. It encourages the emergence of a universal commercial regional banking group managed by international standards.

The significant increase in the quantity and quality of banking products offered to the local population and businesses also leads to creation of opportunities, jobs and local assets.

Development impact:

  • Private sector consolidation/innovation: Ecobank is well known as one of the front innovators with regards to banking digital solutions offered to clients. 
  • Financial inclusion: access to financial services for individuals and micro-enterprises

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  • Investment amount (€):

    € 15 M, € 14.23 M

    Joint investment with Proparco Headquarters: Togo

  • Contract signature :

    2012, 2017

  • Nature of intervention :


  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Private sector consolidation/innovation
    • 2 — Financial inclusion