Six financial sector investments in India: Case study evaluation


Enabling loans to 2.8 million, mostly women

Every year, BIO commissions an external evaluation of at least five of its on-going or completed investment projects to gain insight into these investments' development effects and effectiveness, and implement the conclusions into our work.

In 2017, BIO contracted MicroSave to conduct a case study evaluation of its six financial sector investments focused on the MSME segment in India.

  • Three Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) that primarily offer credit to women: Annapurna Microfinance, Utkarsh Microfinance and Fusion Microfinance 
  • One so-called Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) engaged in infrastructure and equipment finance: Srei Equipment Finance Limited
  • Two Private Equity Funds (PE Funds) that invest in SMEs: Ventureast Proactive Fund and BTS India Private Equity Fund. 

For more findings, download the summary below.

  • Case Study Evaluation_MSME Finance India (4.00 KB) Download