BIO subsidises a combined heat and power plant feasibility study in Nicaragua

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In March 2014, BIO signed a feasibility study agreement with Exportadora Atlantic in Nicaragua. This coffee producing, processing and trading company works directly with local coffee producers and roasters, supporting them with advice, training and group ex-changes of experience and know-how in order to achieve the highest quality standards. The company also assists producers in getting the Rainforest Alliance certification for sustainable agriculture.

Exportadora Atlantic is currently evaluating the installation of a combined heat and power plant using agricultural waste (coffee husks) of their plant in Sébaco. This projects scores particularly high on development impacts, as it will contribute to Nicaragua’s energy independence, reduce carbon emissions, create employment and increase the value chain. In the mid-term, the model could be copied on other plants.

BIO finances 50% of the cost of the feasibility study that is carried out by a local consulting company, specialised in clean energy production and solutions in Central America.

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