BIO collaborates with King Baudouin Foundation

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Prize for Corporate Governance 2013-2014

BIO is proud to announce its collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation for the Prize for Corporate Governance 2013-2014 for an entrepreneur in DR Congo.

The Prize, which concedes a financial support of € 25,000, is awarded every two years to a woman or a man, who manages her or his company in an exceptional way. With this Prize, the founders of the Corporate Governance Fund wish to project a positive image of a particular company in the DR Congo that contributes to the economic development of the country for the benefit of the local population.

To participate, the candidate must:

1. Be of Congolese nationality.

2. Have her or his main residence in the DRC.

3. Manage a private medium-sized company since at least 1st January 2010, legally registered in DRC. Its business activities must take place mainly within the DRC.

Applications should be submitted before 28 November 2013.

Additional information on the Prize and on the submission of applications can be found on the website of the King Baudouin Foundation.

The Prize will be awarded in Kinshasa in June 2014.