• Visit to Ghana

  • 09.02.2018
  • Mathilde, Queen of Belgium and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo went on a three-day working visit to Ghana, with the objective to bring attention to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on gender equality and female empowerment.

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  • Story - Jérémie Lubiba

  • 19.01.2018
  • An accidental pharmacist.

    I actually became a pharmacist by accident.My father was a nurse, so I wanted to become a doctor. In those days, you could enrol for 2 studies at the same time, in case you didn’t get in in one; so I enrolled in Pharmacy as well. Medicine was too much in demand, so they put me in Pharmacy. After finishing school, I didn’t wait to get a job. Within two months, I was working for an American laboratory. Sadly, during the troubles in the 1990s, most international companies left. Ours stayed for a while, but as the sales kept going down, one day I found myself without a job.At the time, there was an agreement between Zaire and South Africa, allowing us to enter without a visa. A lot of my friends had already left, and my wife and I were thinking of doing the same thing – I already had a few jobs lined up. But as good Christians, first we wanted to pray to God for guidance. So we prayed and fasted for three days. Two days later, God spoke through me. He said: stay in this country; and build a pharmaceutical laboratory. And that’s – with only 5000 USD in my pockets – how Laboratoires B.I.S. was born!

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  • BIO STORYletter

  • 19.01.2018
  • In our monthly STORYletter, we feature a Story of someone somehow linked to BIO - as a farmer, a small-scale businesswoman, a credit officer, a fund manager, an employee, a shareholder, or in yet another way. We share their Stories with you because they convey what BIO is trying to achieve as an impact investor.Subscribe now!

  • Injaro Investments et BIO s’associent pour investir dans l’aviculture au Niger

  • 18.01.2018
  • French Article published in Financial Afrik

    Injaro annonce un investissement dans AviNiger, une entreprise avicole aux normes respectant le bien-être animal.AviNiger va fournir des œufs de consommation de qualité et contribuer à réduire le déficit d’aliments protéiques au Niger. Injaro investit  avec BIO, la Société belge d’Investissement pour les Pays en Développement, dans une société Nigérienne pour la construction d’une ferme de production d’œufs ultramoderne d’une capacité annuelle de plus de 35 millions d’œufs à Niamey.

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  • Ten Merina PV Solar Inauguration

  • 18.01.2018
  • The official inauguration of the Ten Merina Photovoltaic Solar plant in Senegal took place in the presence of the prime minister of republic, Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne. The 92,000 solar panels will cover the electricity needs of more than 225,000 people, thereby avoiding the emission of 33,300 tonnes of CO2 annually.Click here for more information on the project and here for the press release by Proparco.

  • Belgian Port of Antwerp International to manage port of Cotonou, Bénin

  • 08.01.2018
  • Port of Antwerp International (PAI) has been appointed by of Benin to modernise the port of Cotonou. This port is the economic heart of Benin, handling an annual freight volume of around 12 million tonnes. In the longer term, the port authority wants the port to grow further, but both the infrastructure and the organisation are outdated. The government therefore decided to temporarily outsource the management of the port.Mr Luuk Zonneveld, CEO of BIO, was a member of the Belgian delegation who was in Cotonou this january to sign the contract. Management is aiming for significant industrial development through the participation of private companies - that may benefit from investments from BIO.

  • BTC/CTB becomes Enabel

  • 01.01.2018
  • BTC/CTB, like BIO a member of the Belgian Development Cooperation, has changed its name to Enabel. Together with this change in name and logo, there have been changes to their mandage and general strategy.For more information, click here.

  • Problems reaching us by phone?

  • 22.12.2017
  • Due to technical problems, you may experience some difficulties in reaching us by phone.We will solve the issue as quickly as we can; but until then, you can reach us on the following numbers: +32 472 61 05 53 or +32 472 61 06 14.If less urgent, we suggest you contact us via email ( apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Move

  • 15.12.2017
  • After almost 16 years, the Belgian Investment Company has moved out of the Avenue de Tervueren 188A to our new home in the Rue des Carmes 24A, 1000 Brussels, in the city center.This move was necessary as our company has grown significantly over the last couple of years, and we need more space to do our work. Our new offices are close to those of the other Belgian Development actors, which will facilitate cooperation.

  • Sustainable Investment - Creating a long-term impact

  • 30.11.2017
  • Dutch - An interview with Gerd Philippaerts, Fund Mgmt Company Director

    “Wanneer wij investeren in ontwikkelingslanden is het belangrijk om daar op lange termijn een blijvende impact te hebben op het vlak van jobcreatie, economische groei, milieu, … Voor wat betreft dat laatste is het de bedoeling om de aarde beter achter te laten dan dat we hem hebben aangetroffen. De grootste prioriteit in lageloonlanden is doorgaans het aanpakken van de extreme armoede. De Sustainable Development Goals van de Verenigde Naties, die deze armoede tegen 2030 uit de wereld willen helpen, staan in deze landen dan ook centraal in onze investeringspolitiek”, opent Philippaerts.

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