• BTC/CTB becomes Enabel

  • 01.01.2018
  • BTC/CTB, like BIO a member of the Belgian Development Cooperation, has changed its name to Enabel. Together with this change in name and logo, there have been changes to their mandage and general strategy.For more information, click here.

  • Problems reaching us by phone?

  • 22.12.2017
  • Due to technical problems, you may experience some difficulties in reaching us by phone.We will solve the issue as quickly as we can; but until then, you can reach us on the following numbers: +32 472 61 05 53 or +32 472 61 06 14.If less urgent, we suggest you contact us via email ( apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Move

  • 15.12.2017
  • After almost 16 years, the Belgian Investment Company has moved out of the Avenue de Tervueren 188A to our new home in the Rue des Carmes 24A, 1000 Brussels, in the city center.This move was necessary as our company has grown significantly over the last couple of years, and we need more space to do our work. Our new offices are close to those of the other Belgian Development actors, which will facilitate cooperation.

  • Sustainable Investment - Creating a long-term impact

  • 30.11.2017
  • Dutch - An interview with Gerd Philippaerts, Fund Mgmt Company Director

    “Wanneer wij investeren in ontwikkelingslanden is het belangrijk om daar op lange termijn een blijvende impact te hebben op het vlak van jobcreatie, economische groei, milieu, … Voor wat betreft dat laatste is het de bedoeling om de aarde beter achter te laten dan dat we hem hebben aangetroffen. De grootste prioriteit in lageloonlanden is doorgaans het aanpakken van de extreme armoede. De Sustainable Development Goals van de Verenigde Naties, die deze armoede tegen 2030 uit de wereld willen helpen, staan in deze landen dan ook centraal in onze investeringspolitiek”, opent Philippaerts.

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  • Story - Delphine Ndiaye

  • 27.11.2017
  • ‘Our most important task is to show people they can trust us.’

    She adored her father who never took a day off. ‘I work so hard because I want my father to be proud of me, although he’s no longer there’. She’s very athletic: ‘Every day before going to office I have a workout for an hour’, and she works in a man’s world: ‘It’s up to us women to show our abilities.’ ‘I had a close relationship with my father; he was my role model. He worked so hard, I can’t remember him taking a day off. Only when he had to stay at home for a month because of a rupture of his Achilles heel tendon, he was not at work. But he couldn’t sit still; he started filming our family and our neighbourhood during our sporting and recreational activities. He always gave the best of himself, so I also want to give the best of myself. I was born in Dakar and we had a wonderful childhood. We lived in Mermoz, an area with many different nationalities. I played with French, Spanish, Danish and African children. Sports mainly, like basketball, tennis, skateboarding. My whole family loves sports; my father started his career as a gym-teacher, my mother was a basketball player in the Senegalese national team. My father did well thanks to his hard work; at the end of his career he was a director at the ministry of Sports.’

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  • Q&A: Sustainable development should be profitable, says Belgian minister

  • 21.11.2017
  • Source: Devex, Catherine Cheney

    NEW YORK — In order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, development must be done differently, facilitated by a shift from giving to investing. That was the message given by Alexander De Croo, Belgium’s deputy prime minister and minister for development cooperation, when he took the stage at the AidEx conference in Brussels this week. Formerly a consultant and entrepreneur, De Croo has brought a business mindset to his work in government. At the United Nations General Assembly in September, he spoke with Devex about his country’s aid priorities, and the changes he would like to see in the international development industry — later announcing that Belgium would double its investment in humanitarian innovation next year.

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  • Signed - Triple P South East Asian Financial Inclusion Fund

  • 14.11.2017
  • A USD 7 M equity investment in a fund aiming at providing growth capital to small insurance and non-bank financial services. Read more.

  • Signed - Senergy 2

  • 13.11.2017
  • BIO gave a € 9.1 m loan to Senergy 2, a 25 MW solar PV plant in Bokhol, Senegal.

  • Story - Luuk Zonneveld

  • 08.11.2017
  • Why am I CEO of BIO?

    I first set foot on African soil over 30 years ago, at the estuary of the Nile. Bored with my own world, I was intent on discovering a new one – and trying to make a living while doing so by sending my writings to newspapers and weeklies in the Netherlands. Using boats, trains, buses and horse carts, I wrote a travel-series about my trip along the majestic Nile, from its delta in Alexandria down to its sources in volcanic central Africa. I dispatched articles about Egypt’s unequal economic development, the civil war in Sudan, the proxy war between Ethiopia and Somalia, and about the scourge of leprosy. My articles were well-received by a “developed world” eager to find out about what was really going on in Africa, at a time when fax, internet and smartphone were still  unthought-of . And on my end, I was immensely enjoying myself.Until one day, in a village on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, completely isolated by the surrounding jungle, I came upon an elderly man serenely sitting under the village square mango tree. He greeted me, stretching out his arms, and said “Karibu, welcome. What have you come to do here?”His simple question left me speechless.

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  • Signed - VenturEast Proactive Fund II

  • 06.11.2017
  • A USD 5 M equity investment into an SME Fund with a specific focus on D4D. Read more.