• Signed - Khan Bank II

  • 11.10.2018
  • In September 2018, BIO signed a USD 17 million loan to Khan Bank, Mongolia’s leading universal bank, as part of an overarching investment lead by the Dutch Development Bank FMO and joined by the German Development Finance Institution (DEG), the International Investment Bank (IIB) and the Development Bank of Austria (OeEB). This USD 120 million loan (equivalent to MNT 300 billion) is the largest loan in Khan Bank’s history and will strengthen its strategy to reach out to even the most remote areas of Mongolia. The financing is expected to pave the way for additional funding from other financial institutions. In the past BIO already participated in two syndications lead by the Dutch Development Bank FMO by granting USD 10mio in sub debt and USD 10mio senior loan in 2012.

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  • Story - Mossadeck Bally

  • 08.10.2018
  • Patience pays off

    After finishing my financial management studies in France and the United States, I returned to my native country Mali. For 10 years, I worked for my father’s company, together with my brother. We imported foodstuffs such as rice, which we further distributed as wholesalers. We were seeing a lot of suppliers, who often complained about the poor quality of the hotels in Mali. This gave me the idea of opening my own.

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  • Prize 'Digital for Development' (D4D)

  • 08.10.2018
  • Prize D4D is a biannual initiative of the Royal Museum of Central Africa (RMCA) with the support of the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD). Prize D4D rewards outstanding initiatives that use digitisation and (new) technologies as a lever for development towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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  • Hack the goals

  • 08.10.2018
  • Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency, invites you to attend the ‘Hack the Goals’ closing event on Friday 16 November. The event will be held in the beautiful Ateliers des Tanneurs in Brussels’ city centre.

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  • FIVE - second close

  • 04.10.2018
  • AfricInvest is pleased to announce the second close of FIVE, an evergreen platform for investing in financial institutions in Africa.

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  • Story - Eric Van den Bosch

  • 12.09.2018
  • It's about long-term commitment and lasting relationships, about win-win partnerships.

    I started off as a corporate banking relationship manager in a Belgian bank, first focusing on small and medium enterprises, later on larger companies. After a number of years, however, I realised that this kind of work, while being an interesting experience and definitely paying the bills, lacked a certain something and that I was looking for more purpose in my professional life. That’s why, 8 years ago, I joined the Private Equity Funds department of the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries, a company which, next to profit, also cared about the two other Ps: People & Planet. The content of my job was not (just) about making money; it was about helping companies in emerging markets in their development and supporting them in their growth. It was about long-term commitment and lasting relationships, about win-win partnerships.

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  • Relationships with local communities are critical

  • 11.09.2018
  • An interview with Mr Ole Sand and George McPherson of ASFFII

    In April 2018, BIO invested USD 5 million in the Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund II (ASFF II), a private equity fund that helps fill the growing gap between the supply and demand of forestry products in Africa through investments in sustainable forestry plantations and processing facilities. The fund will hold a portfolio of innovative forest management projects in rural areas of Africa, bringing a wide range of environmental, social and economic benefits to the surrounding communities.ASFF II is a 10 year closed-end investment fund that will invest in forestlands and forestry-related companies across Sub-Saharan Africa. The fund had an initial closing with USD 81 million and it expects to reach its USD 150 million target in 2019.

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  • Z-Return on Development-Episode 10

  • 13.07.2018
  • Sustainable Development Goals

    BIO, in cooperation with Kanaal Z / Canal Z, has created a series of 10 episodes around Impact Investing, called Z-Return on Development. These episodes can be watched every Thursday to Friday on Kanaal Z / Canal Z, and will be available for viewing on the BIO website after. The 10th and final episode returned to the Sustainable Development Goals and briefly introduced the SDG Frontier Fund. It featured interviews with Pieter Timmermans (VBO/FEB), Luuk Zonneveld (BIO), Katrien Yde (Truncus) and Gerd Philippaerts (BIO) and aired on the 12th of July on Kanaal Z / Canal Z.

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  • Story - Henri Paul Ilondo Bompenze

  • 10.07.2018
  • Life doesn’t have to end. Even after we die. What we do, what we’ve done, will continue after our death.

    I’m Congolese, born of Congolese parents. They were poor. They didn’t have the means to send me to college, so my dad gave me two bags of fufu [central African staple food] and two goat heads to sell. He hoped this would help pay for my education.It was not sufficient, but did shape my future: I got a taste for commerce. Sadly, he passed away before my business, Gérant de l'Eternel became successful. He saw the start, but wasn’t able to benefit from it. However, his wife and children did, as well as his grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Life continues. He lives on.

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